Smart City

Web and Wireless presents a unique service that will enable tourists to access information at a Museum, Palace, Zoo, tube station or other tourists attraction using their own mobile phone or tablet. Moreover tourists will be able to
  • Access information in their own language
  • No need to install a mobile app
  • No mobile internet connection needed
  • Floor plans and fire exits at fingertips


All this is possible thanks to our (electronic) product called “MyBubble”. MyBubble boasts a complete web server and the necessary radio elements on a tiny printed circuit board (pcb) (electronic board). The pcb dimensions will be around 40 mm X 40 mm. One such device will be placed in the vicinity of an artefact. “MyBubble” then generates its own cloud around the artefact. Tourists  open a web browser to access information about the artefact.

The tourists will be directed to a landing page which will have all the information about the artefact. Every time the tourists approach an artefact, he/she has to refresh the browser and the information of that artefact is loaded automatically in the language of their choice. Users will have a choice of language. Therefore, a user from China or India can now access exhibit information in his or her language.

No clumsy audio guide or information booklet needed, tourist just need their mobile or tablet with them. Museums or Palaces may also supplement location based information like nearest fire exit etc.  Users can choose information they would like to access from the webpage. For example someone interested in the engineering aspects of an artefact can skip all the history section, unlike the audio guide where information is delivered sequentially.

Small games can also be added on webpages to make museums even more interesting for children. The concept can be extended to zoos to give information about animals or birds in an area or at a tube station to direct to an exit or the local map.

The video below shows the application of the MyBubble Product to create Smart Cities